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Lily's Story: A Micro-Preemie's First Year

Latest Update
March 2009 - Lily the Chatterbox

Thank you to everyone who has followed Lily's story. I am happy to report she is still a happy and healthy little chatterbox with no medical problems.

We did take Lily to urgent care at the hospital in Sprint 2009, and she was diagnosed with RSV. Her lungs were X-rayed and there were no problems. After a few more days of being miserable, she was back to normal.

We took her to the physical therapist for the last time in 2009 because her doctor says she doesn't need to have any more follow ups with the therapist unless we see something which concerns us. Her motor skills are fine. She has low muscle mass. The therapist said that it is just the way she is made and nothing will change it. I asked if we should do anything about it, and was told it just means she be limber rather than stiff. As Lily enjoys gymnastic classes at the YMCA, I figure it's working out fine. The therapist also mentioned that Lily's vocal communication is "off the charts", and that she speaks beyond her age. Hense, she is still my chatterbox. Gotta love her. Her cellphone is still one of her favorite toys. As is my real one!

DORA THE EXPLORER!!! What can I say. Lily loves Dora, and sings all the songs. She teases her aunt Louisa (Wheeza) that she is Isa the Iguana. Or is it the other way around?

Lily sing many, many songs. While Lily still sings "Pop, goes the Wheeza", her other funny songs like "Mary had a snowy mint." (If you sing the entire song it kind of falls into place: Mary's lamb had fleece as white as snow and followed Mary everywhere she went, hense Mary had a little lamb and the second verse is about Mary's snowy mint.) have given way to the correct words.

"Meatball" is the funniest word in the world. Row, row, row your meatball; Mary had a little meatball. Knock, Knock. Whose there? Meatball. HA HA HA. And, of course, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Meatball.

Last winter, when she was two, Lily would tell you that "It's cold in winter." and goodbye was followed by "Be careful on the ice. Love you. Have fun." Now at three she's much more verbal and will tell you all about the snow and making snow angels, and that we have to plow the snow.

Read from the beginning: Something Is Wrong.

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An Update

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