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Lily's Story: A Micro-Preemie's First Year

March 2007 - First Airplane Trip to Visit Family
Prior Segment: February 2007 - The Long Wisconsin Winter (under Quarantine)

(March 2, 2007):  We took Lily in for her second flu shot today.  She only cried for less than 5 seconds.  Just enough to let us know she felt that!

Lily was very talkative today.  She laughed as I tried to sing her songs.  She seems to really like "Ava Maria", even if I get the Latin wrong.  Maybe she's laughing because it means something it shouldn't.  As long as she is happy.

She is getting the "almost" rolling over down pretty well.  Still not quite there.  The good news is her weight gain seems to slowed down.  She weighed in at 16 pounds and a half ounce.  The nurse was not too friendly and was very rushed, so we didn't get too much covered.  We had to ask nicely for the weighing, and then had to accept the other scale being used.  We like to stay on one scale to be consistent with her weighings.

The good part of that was that the appointment was very quick and practically painless (except for the shot).

Lily continues to be a joy.  She sleeps through the entire night now, but wakes up very early and in a playful mood.  So, there is something she got from me.  Her daddy is an absolute grouch in the morning, if you can get him out of bed at all. We love him, just not first thing in the morning.

Mornings basically belong to Lily and me.  It's our Tummy-time time.  Lily doesn't like to have long tummy time, and gets frustrated after a while.  But I'm trying to make sure she gets the excerise and muscle strength she needs.  Wendy, our co-ordinator from the UW-Extension program, will do some evaluation tests next Wednesday in our weekly session. The state of Wisconsin has some very nice programs which we qualify for because Lily was so premature and we are first time parents. It is nice that income is not a factor (too much or too little) in determining if your child can be seen.

Lily is spitting up less now. Though she does still spit up, sometimes a lot, the amount of occurences is going down. I've cut back on the amount of rice in her breast milk. I don't like her to have to strain to hard to poo. Hopefully, she is outgrowing the reflux. I've been giving her a little extra Prevacid. It seems to help. She doesn't spit up while laying down so much this way.

Lily calls out "Hello" from her crib if she doesn't hear from me for too long.

Daddy agrees she sings along with us now.  A real "sing before she could talk" baby. And she loves to dance, especially with Daddy. She squiggles and wiggles in our arms or in a standing position.

An update to the "other than Lily" note: We're still waiting to hear from Mayfair Games.  We haven't heard anything as of yet about them reviewing the prototype of my game design.  We are considering this a good sign, because if they responsed too quickly, it would be a "no thank you."

(March 11, 2007):  We took Lily to the doctor again last Friday. The last nurse apparently forgot to give her an RSV shot because I said she was there for her Flu booster. Wouldn't you think they would keep track that they should have given her all the shots which were due, especially since we scheduled it so that she could have gotten both at that time? Incompentence really bothers me. I don't see any excuse for it in the health industry. There, I got it out of my system.

Lily took her RSV shot rather well with only a little screaming. We asked the nurse about taking Lily on the airplane. The nurse discussed it with Lily's doctor who recommended against giving her an antihistamine before the flight. We should just make sure she is sucking on her bottle during takeoff and landing so that it will be easier for her ears to pop.

Lily weighed in at 16 pounds 7 ounces and this time the nurse measured her for us. She is now 24 inches long. The nurse said she looks proportunately correct. Her super chubby cheeks and belly are gone. We also got a copy of Lily's medical records to take with us, just in case we need to take her in for anything. I love it when we have a good nurse.

Lily was having a hard time last Thursday. She was spitting up all day long, but she was better by Friday.

I removed the bassinet from Lily's crib on Friday. She hadn't outgrown it, but she would wiggle all the way down and hang her feet over the end every night. She didn't like the adjustment to the pure crib. She wiggles around so that she is sideways in the crib. I think she feels better that way, feeling like there is not so much room around her. The bad thing is she doesn't want to stay on the incline. So far, this has not had an adverse effect on her reflux. She is actually spitting up less in her crib. Lily still doesn't roll over, but she can get where she wants by wiggling. The girl will definitely do things her own way. She does have a lot of my personality.

Today I sang various disco songs to her, and she kind of sang along. She didn't have any of the words, of course, but the rythmn was there. Not always accurate, but It was absolutely adorable and we had a good ole time. Daddy came in while we were dancing and laughed because he thought it was a funny sight.

I finally had my hair done so I don't look like a granny anymore. Daddy had to watch Lily while I was out for a few hours. As usual, it wore him out.

Oh, I'm finally able to get belly laughs out of Lily again. I guess the trick is I have to think it's hilariously funny and laugh, so she will. I so love to see her smile and laugh.

We bought a video recorder. Lily doesn't want to talk in front of it. But at least I have some video of her being cute.

(March 25, 2007):  We are back from our vacation to visit family in Oregon.  This was Lily's first trip to anywhere other than the doctor's office.  She handled it very well.  We got off to a rocky start at the airpoirt because Lily had never before been exposed to that kind of noise.  She screamed a lot until we were through the security check point, then she calmed down.  The flights were not too bad on the way to Oregon.  We made sure she was sucking on something (her bottle, pacifier, fingers) while we were ascending and descending.  We sang songs and talked to her a lot.  People commented that she was such a good baby.  The flight back wasn't as peaceful.  Jed thought he was told it would be okay for her to sleep during takeoff.  She woke up fussing, and it went down hill from there.  The peak was the very last leg of our flight (there were 6 in all).  We starting giving her her bottle as soon as the plane pulled away from the gate.  Then the pilot came on and let us know were were 38th in line for take off, and it would be 45 minutes before we took off.  Lily was already battling a cold and snotty nose.  We flew to the east of some severe thunder storms which caused tornados in some neighboring towns.  Funny that there was still 2 to 4 feet of snow when we left, and we came home to 67 degrees at 11:00 pm.  The next day was 81 degrees beating the old record high of 68.  But this is Wisconsin, and next week will have rain mixed with snow. 

Back to our trip.  Lily got to meet most her immediate relatives.  She met all but 2 cousins who had to work and couldn't schedule in a visit.  My neice has a son who was born about week after Lily's due date.  They are opposites.  Tanner is long and thin, and Lily is short and stocky.  She outweighed him by 1 pound.  However, they got along very well.  Someone thought it would be interesting to place them together on my mother's knees.  Lily reached over and grabbed Tanners hand and held it.  It was so cute.

I also saw my brother, Bo, who I haven't seen in years.  He was looking well. 

I visited by brother, Jim, the next day at his house.  He said he would have gone over to Mother's if anyone would have told him everyone was going to show up.  I said it was better this way, so Lily would have closer attention with and to him.

I also saw my sister, Deana, and her family.  She looked very content holding Lily.  We had been concerned because Staph was going around her family, and we thought we would have to avoid contact.  However, their doctor gave them the all-clear and no longer contagious nod, so Lily got to be held.

Lily met her Daddy's side of the family.  We stayed with his parents.  Some members of Jed's family are having a hard time with medical problems.  Everyone enjoyed seeing Lily.

Lily didn't talk as much or as clear as she usually does.  She also regressed from sucking her thumb, to her fist, and finally back to her tongue.  She's now back to sucking her thumb and is now combining new sounds, and enjoying different pitches.  Jed's mother also taught Lily how to shreek. 

(March 28, 2007):  On Tuesday, March 26th... The day we've been waiting for:  Lily rolled herself over by herself.  She did it twice while on the blanket in the front room.  It was from her back to her belly.  I'm relieved.  This had been a point of concern for me.  She's having fun now.  I'm now always having to check her "new" positioning in her crib.  She manages to get into the most awkward positions.  One of her favorites is to have her head where her feet should be, with her feet raised on the incline which is in her bed for her reflux.  This girl will love to be pampered.

While on the topic of her reflux... She had been doing much better, but then she starting spitting up a lot again on the 28th. She's been fighting a stuffy nose since last Thursday (the 20th) or so.  It was a major concern on Tuesday, and we called the doctor's office.  A nurse reviewed her file and told us to put salt in water and put 1 to 3 drops in each nostril, and suck it out 30 seconds later.  It works very well, however, Lily hates it.  We've only had to do it a few times.  She gets better one day, and then the next she is stuffed up again.  She has a 6 month adjusted age check up with the pediatrist tomorrow at 4:00 pm, so we'll have her breathing checked out then also.

Next Segment: April 2007 - RSV Season is Finally Over - And We're Out.

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