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Lily's Story: A Micro-Preemie's First Year

Latest Update
Prior Segment: May 2007 - Spring Brings Out Our Song Bird Lily

(June 6, 2007): We went to Marshfield today for Lily to meet with a physical therapist and and neurologist for her offical 6 month adjusted age check up with the specialists. The therapist was impressed with Lily and said she is right on track for everything. She gave us some exercises to do to strengthen Lily's abdomen muscles. Since Lily is still a little chubby, it is harder for her to get herself into a seated position. She can hold the seated position as long as she wants if we put her that way, but she doesn't do it on her own. Lily rolled both directions and reach for her toys. At the end the thearapist said the only thing she was concerned about was that she hadn't seen Lily smile. We cracked up at that becuase Lily is usually such a flirt. So we got out the cameras and Lily smiled.

We then visited the children's Neurologist. She was wonderful, and Lily took to her right away, smiling and chattering. Dr Crane checked Lily's reflexes and coordination. She said we should be feeding Lily in a high chair now because she is more than ready. Dr. Crane also showed us Lily's MRI from right before she left the NICU. I had mentioned I was concerned about Lily not getting her front teeth. We were shown that Lily does have both baby and adult front teeth. It was kind of creeping, because the MRI showed Lily's brain and eyeballs and everything.

Dr. Crane said Lily is doing better than expected for a 25 week preemie, and we couldn't ask for more. In a nutshell, Lily is perfect so far. Jed asked when we would find out if she were a genius. Dr. Crane told him very seriously that we should be happy with what we have. Jed later told me he was trying to make a joke and it didn't work.

Lily weighed 20 pounds, 4 ounces at the doctor's office. The nurse also measured her and said she was 26 inches. I asked her to double check that figure because we were told Lily was 26.5 inches a couple of weeks ago. So she measured again and came up with 26 and a third.

(June 8, 2007) I bought Lily a high chair. She enjoys using it. Jed said it was like Lily was a little person sitting at the table. We went to IHop for dinner and put Lily in a high chair. It was the first time we all ate together as a family. Before it was always, I'll feed her over here while you eat. It was nice. Lily ate green beans while Jed and I both had breakfasts for dinner.

(June 11, 2007) Daddy Jed had to go to Kentucky to grade calculus tests for APT. We drove to the airport and saw him off. Lily was such a good girl. She didn't scream like she did in March at the airport. What a difference 3 months make! We even ate at the airport restaurant before Jed's flight. Then Lily and I drove back home. I'm proud of myself that I only pulled over once to check on her. She had fallen asleep and as usual, I wanted to be sure she was okay. Riding in the car generally makes her sleepy.

Lily misses her Daddy. She called out "Ah-eee" (Lilyspeak for Daddy) in the evening. I gave her extra lovings. Daddy will be back next Tuesday.

(June 12, 2007) Our nurse/case worker Jan from Birth to Three came over and dropped off a baby activity center for Lily. Lily loves it. It is so nice to be able to have her in the kitched playing while I work on dishes. I've lugged it to various rooms of the house because it is just so convenient. We get to keep it as long as we need it, and then return it. I really like this program. It's nice to not have to spend $80 dollars on something Lily will outgrow in a few months.

(June 14, 2007) It is my mother's 65 birthday. Today Lily learned to blow raspberries. It started on my neck while I was holding her and now she does it on my arms and my legs.

(June 15, 2007) Lily has been screaming when I try to lay her down for the night. I let her cry, figuring she would cry herself to sleep, as I couldn't find anything else wrong with her. After a hour of her fussing I had to give in and give her some Children's Tylenol. She calmed down after that and fell asleep within 10 minutes. I really hate to give her medicine, but her gums must be hurting her.

(June 16, 2007) We hard another evening of fussing and refusing to sleep. This time she upset herself so bad she spit up. That's twice today that she has spit up. I've probably been having too much dairy in my diet, and the breastmilk may be upseting her stomach. I gave her a bedtime bath which seemed to calm her some, but not completely. The swing did the trick and I was able to get her into her crib. She sleeps through the night once she finally falls asleep.

(June 19, 2007) What a day. Jed's flight was supposed to arrive at 4:00 pm, but his flight from Kentucky couldn't take off on time because Chicago was too busy. So the airline rescheduled him to arrive at 9:00 pm. Lily and I left for the airport at 8:00 pm. When we got there the counter monitor (it's a very small airport - CWA) said his flight was "delayed-other." After listening to a couple complain about there not being anyone at the counter, I walked over and pressed the "Help" button. A representative came out and I asked what "other" meant. He explained it meant the problem wasn't related to weather or mechanical problems. He said he just checked and the flight hadn't even left Chicago yet. He was very nice and said he would make an announcement when they left and and again if the pilot called to check in before landing, which was usually about 20 minutes out. So I went into the waiting area and made the announcement to the other people waiting. No one looked pleased that it was going to be at least another 45 minutes before the flight came in.

Lily was an absolute angel. She enjoyed having me push her in the stroller around and around and around the airport. I sat down and read a book in the "family area" to her, but she prefered to keep moving.

The airline representative made the announcement that the flight had taken off from Chicago and it would be about 40 more minutes. I had to put more money in the parking meter, as I didn't want to pay a $7.00 ticket because of a delayed plane. Eventually, the flight got in at 10:00 pm.

Lily was so happy to see Daddy, and he was so happy to see her. He took Lily out of her stroller and played with her. She squealed "Ah-Eeee" (Daddy). I got the luggage while Jed adored his Lily. He sat with her in the back seat while I drove us home.

(June 20, 2007) Well, I feel like last year's cheese. Lily is so thrilled to have Daddy back that she is totally zeroed in on him. Ebony used to do this as well, so I guess it is something that is either normal or what we teach Lily somehow. Mommy is always here, so it's special to have Daddy after an absense. Jed also started teaching summer classes today, so he's exhausted. Lily's schedule is all messed up. But it is good to have Jed back home. I miss him when he has to travel.

(June 21, 2007) Thursday night is family and friend's game night. Lily enjoyed the attention from friends, as she does every Thursday night. The noise tends to keep her up too late, so it's the good with the not so good. I stay with Lily in the nursery/computer room when she gets sleepy. I would love to be able to sleep, too, but this is usually when I get to do most my computer work.

(July 28, 2007) Lily got up on all fours today in her crib and rocked back and forth. She will be crawling soon. She is a little rolly ball in the mean time. And she rolls fast. Jed says she's getting longer. Our coordinator Wendy thinks so, also. I see her everyday, so I don't notice it as much.

But Lily is so pretty. When she smiles her whole face lights up, and she giggles a lot. She chuckles when we play, "Kissy your face" in her crib and "I've got your foot" sung to the Blue Danube Waltz while she is in her swing. Try it...Doo Doo Do Do Do, Do Do, Do Do, Doo Doo Do Do Do, I've got, your foot.

Lily likes to stay in a setted position for a long time. She is learning to roll herself out of it, but sometimes gets stuck like she is trying to do the splits. She doesn't get herself into the setted position yet, so we'll have to be working on that more. She does hold on to things and stand, if we have to place her that way, she doesn't pull herself up yet. She grabs a hold of our fingers or hands and pulls.

The new design for is running now. I hope people like the changes.

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