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Lily's Story: A Micro-Preemie's First Year

Latest Update: Enjoying the Summer
Prior Segment: June 2007 - Rolling, Rolling, Rolling All Over

(July 16,2007) Lily finally has a tooth!!! She has the bottom right front tooth. It is really sharp and she loves to use it. It's a little crooked, but so cute. Apparently, the little white buldge on the sideof her mouth which we had been watching over the past few months is just her jawline.

Lily demonstated today that she knows the word, "No!" She still loves to pull cords, even my breastpump cords if she can get away with it. Today she pulled one of the cords off and I took her hand away and was reassembling when I heard her yell, "No!" I'm not sure if she just knew that I would say it, or if she really wanted to keep pulling the cords.

(July 17, 2007) We took Lily in for her 12 month (9 month adjusted) age check up. We walked in with a list of things we were concerned about, such as her weight; how much to fed her; what to feed her; food sensitivities; pulling her ears; dry skin patches; sippy cup control; lack of repetative syllables (MAMA, BABA); and a few others.

Lily's doctor summed it up best as, "I'm sorry. I just can't get worried about this child." Lily's weight increase has slowed. She speaks fine. Her dry skin is going to be a part of her life. We are to continue moisturising her dry spots once or twice a day. Her ears are fine. She was probably pulling them because of the tooth. She is a very happy baby. Lily giggled when the doctor touched her stomach. Apparently we have found a new giggle spot.

Lily now weighs 20 pounds, 6 ounces. She is 26.5 inches long and her head circ is 42.

I told the doctor that Lily appears to have an upset stomach when I increase the dairy products in my diet. Her suggestion was to introduce a soy formula slowly before my breast milk supply in the deep freeze runs out. It has gotten more difficult to produce milk. I'm hoping it will continue until July 24th, so that Lily will have gotten fresh breast milk for a year. The freezer is completely full of stored milk, but we have to toss some of it because of it's age. We don't want to give her frozen milk older than 9 months. It can remain in deep freeze for a year, but I was on medicine for a long time because of my incision wound and don't want to expose Lily to that milk now.

We also asked the doctor about Lily's preference for Daddy so much of the time. The doctor said children learn very early how to manipulate their parents and that Jed was the more accommodating one. He will rush in if she even slightly whimpers, and she knows it, so she wails and he runs. Though over the past few days she is enjoying having me enter the room.

We also learned why they are not willing to give her first year shots before her first birthday. It doesn't have anything to do with timing for health reason so much as the Wisconsin School System won't recognize that she is up to date on her shots if they do not fall after her birthday.

Lily is still a little clapper. She claps to get our attention. She claps when she hears applause on the television. She claps to entertain herself....And she waves Hello. Not goodbye so much. She looks like she is trying to get something off her hand when she does it.

(July 23, 2007)  Today is Lily's first birthday.  We took her to Sears Portrait Studios for her pictures.  We didn't expect it to take three hours.  The pictures turned out adorable, so it was worth it.

Lily ate a little cake in the evening.  I just wanted her to have a taste, but Jed thought she really enjoyed it, so he keep giving her more.  All in all I think she only had about a tablespoonful, but we had never given her sugar before.  She was very happy baby for the night.

I cried today because it finally dawned on me that Lily was all right.  Is a year too long to be in a state of constant fear that she was going to go back into the hospital with something we overlooked?  What a year it has been.  What a happy year, too. 

Many people don't understand my worries.  I've even been asked why Lily hasn't caught up yet with her birth age.  I've explained many times that she spent  months attached to machines and that she didn't have the freedom to be on her stomach learning to crawl as other babies did.  Her reflux made her throw up whenever we put her on her stomach for the longest time. 

Lily's doctor says she is right on target and that she should be caught up by her second birthday.  I asked if she were sure because I had read that the adjusted age would be overcome at about one year for every month the baby was early, which would mean she would probably be caught up by her third birthday.  But her doctor is assured us that Lily is fine and is progressing as she would for a 9 month old at this point.

(July 24, 2007)  Lily is now crawling a few inches and collapsing down.  She is getting the idea and it seems to show in her personality.   She seems very happy that she can now move around and get to where she wants on her own. 

(July 26, 2007)  Well it didn't take Lily long at all to get the crawling thing down.  She is now an expert crawler and loves to go after cords and anything I regularly take away from her.  Her favorite things are the baby wipes, breast pump cords, and especially the TV remote control.

Lily hasn't been sleeping through the night lately, so I haven't been either.  She makes a cute noise before she goes to sleep.  It is kind of between a snore and a growl and a hum.  It tells me she really is going to go to sleep.

(July 28, 2007) Jed finally noticed that Lily talks to me, not just making her noises that she does with him.  He thinks it is because I work with her so often trying to get her to speak.  Mornings are still her favorite time to be a chatter box.

(July 29, 2007) Lily is now giving me kisses.  Slobbery wet kisses.  She leans in and plants her mouth on mine.  I am so happy.  Jed is sort of jealous because she doesn't do this to him yet.  It is interesting that she has her own special little things for each of us. 

(July 30, 2007) Lily stared double syllables today with mahmahmahmahmah.  She still doesn't do the "duh" sound as in Daddy.  Jed is still "Ah-ee."

Lily also screams a lot for fun and attention.  Like we don't give her constant attention?!?  She will jabber to me, then get on the phone with relatives and just say "uh" and "hey" and sounds like that.

We also made a 2 minute video of her and all she would do was a few squeaks.  Since then we have made a few more with her more active and vocal.  I'm thinking of making a page on her website so people can access her movies.

(July 31, 2007) I took Lily to the store today. She was in a every playful and vocal mood. She keep saying, "MA MA MA MA." People were coming up and commenting on what a lovely and vocal baby she is. A young grocery clerk even closed his checkout (there wasn't anyone in his line at the time) to come over and discuss babies repeating sounds. He had just studied it in psychology and was happy to discuss what he had learned. I thought that was real cute. I must be getting old though, if I think a young man coming to talk to me about school is "cute."


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