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Lily's Story: A Micro-Preemie's First Year

January 2007 - Beginning a New Year (under Quarantine)
Prior Segment: Our First Holidays as a Family

(January 14, 2007):  Lily has been home now for almost 3 months.  She weighs about 13 pounds and imitates words, or at least the sounds of words. Doctors have told us she isn't really saying words, but we've recorded them and anyone who hears them is convinced.

We put Lily's bassinett into the crib today for the first time.  She is getting big enough now that she will soon outgrow the bassinett, so we are having her adjust to being in the crib.  It is very different from sleeping next to Mommy on the floor.  Yes, I have been sleeping on the floor next to the bassinett for 3 months.  It is an ever constant visual with a baby with reflux.  Though she is still on the Apnea and Bradycardia monitor, I like to be there in case a choking episode begins.

(January 20, 2007):  Lily had her third RSV shot yesterday and demonstrated she has a temper.  She screamed like never before and wouldn't stop even when consoled.  Eventually, she calmed down and we were able to get her to take her bottle while we waited the required 30 minutes after the shot to see if there would be any reaction.  Her weight was 13 pounds, 12 ounces and she was 22.75 inches long.  She hit a growth spurt over the last month.  Maybe she won't be short like her mommy (5'4").  She isn't spitting up as much as she was in the last few weeks.  We are going to talk to her doctor about adding cereal to her milk.  It is supposed to help with reflux, and maybe we won't need to keep increasing her medication.  She is scheduled for her third month (though by birth she is 6 months) check up next Friday.  She tries to say, "I love you."  Though it comes out more like "eh-woooooh-ooooo."  It's adorable.  She already has a vocabulary:  "Ooooooh Ooooh" means she wants her music mobile turned on.  Daddy doesn't hear this things as much as I do.  He thinks it's all in my head.  Yet, he is the one who informed me what "Ooooooh Ooooh" meant.

(January 29, 2007):  Lily continues to spit up a bit, but there are some improvements. Her pediatrician rescheduled her apppointment so she would have more time with Lily. So she now goes in for her 6 month check up (adjusted age 3 months) on Tuesday. In ways she is advanced for a 3 month old, but also behind, just as not rolling over. This is mainly my fault for not giving her enough "tummy time."  Though, a baby with reflux really does not do well with tummy time, I hear every other baby born around her due date is already turning over.  I know a preemie does things at their own speed, but I wonder if I am doing her a disservice with the lack of suffient tummy time.  This is probably something all preemie parents go through, "I am doing right or being over cautious and holding my baby back?"  We will speak to the doctor about it Tuesday. 

On a lighter note:  I believe Lily thinks she is a bird!  We have laughed and thought it was adorable the ways she pumps her arms before saying, "Hello" and "I love you" (translated from "Hello" and "Ah OOOOh Uuoooh").  Now I've realized the Flutterbye Mobile has birds which flap their wings singing and circling her.  I'm raising a bird.

Next Segment: February: A Long Wisconsin Winter (still under Quarantine).

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