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Lily's Story: A Micro-Preemie's First Year

December 2006 - Our First Holidays as a Family
Prior Segment: Lily Comes Home

We are still in the long isolation of RSV season quarantine. It's gotten cold here in Wisconsin. I never knew what winter really was until we moved to the "Midwest."

A happy note is Lily is doing fine. Her heart monitor alarmed on December 20th, but I'm not sure if that was a false alarm or not. Her heart rate is slowing down, and is normal for babies as they grow, and the monitor may be set too high.

Lily is also needing less oxygen during feedings. I keep the tank and mask at hand just in case.

This is the first Holiday season where Jed has not gone back to stay with his parents in Oregon for a few weeks. He said he wanted to stay with us as we were his family and responsibility now. That is so nice. We've been together for around 10 years. It wouldn't have been right to take Lily on an airplane when she is so fragile and susceptible to viruses.

Jed introduced Lily to his family's tradition of banging spoons on pots at midnight. He took her outside very briefly so that it would count. As the clock struck midnight I gave Lily her last kiss of 2006 and Jed gave Lily her first kiss of 2007. I think that will become our own family tradition.

Next Segment: Beginning A New Year.

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